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It Works!

The Pentax P30 camera mentioned in my previous post works! I put the batteries back into it on Friday just so that the batteries were not likely to get lost, and this morning I showed Eliana the camera and explained that it was older than her and that this type of camera had to use a film which had to get developed into photos rather than connecting it to a computer to download them.

I don’t think she understood! But she got the concept of the manual Zoom and Focus and wandered off to other parts of the house to ‘play’ with the camera. I told her not to turn the camera on (which seemed a bit pointless in retrospect as I beleived the batteries were dead). A few minutes later she exclaimed ‘it works’ and came in and showed me that she had taken a photo with it. I tried it and sure enough, it worked. It will still need some new batteries, I am sure, but at least it seems to be working ok. So now we need to use up the film and develop it, and see how the photos turn out.

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