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The Time Capsule Has Been Opened

That’s what it feels like. After about 10 years I finished the film that was in the Pentax P30 and got the film developed. And so here a few of the photos, firstly a birthday cake from about 10 years ago.

We suspect this is Jesse’s 5th birthday cake, taken in Carisbrook in 2003. There was also a couple of photos from the house where we lived in Carisbrook, Victoria. The next photo shows Jesse today, with unruly hair and the ever present MP3 player, taken in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, a few days ago.

While in Wagga Wagga I spotted (actually it wasn’t that hard to see!) a very large almnost derelict looking building, labelled Murrumbidgee Flour Store., My guess is that it was flour mill / warehouse. It was adjacent to the railway, which suggests that at some time or other it was servrd by the railway.

And almost opposite it was a ‘plane on a stick’ – obviously hinting at some sort of link between the armed forces and the township of Wagga.

So there you have it – a 10 year old film, with photos on it spanning almost 10 years. And the P30 camera, with 10 year old batteries, still takes decent looking photos.

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